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Fivenote Music Publishing offers six jazz improvisation resource books for beginning through advanced players of melodic treble clef instruments for learning and adding to jazz improvisational skills.

For Players Only offers beginning and intermediate players the music fundamentals and practice methods necessary for developing jazz improvisational skills. There are also materials and patterns that can be used by advanced players for adding to their skills.

Advanced Jazz Resources, Pentatonic Patterns, Suspended Chord Patterns and Interval Studies each offer specific thematic resources that intermediate through advanced players can use to add to their improvisational vocabulary.

Jazz/Rock Primer has melodic lines and riffs, played to common chord progressions in the jazz/rock/pop idiom, which can be used for improving sight reading. Chord symbols are given so that the tunes and lines can be accompanied by a rhythm section.

Books for Improvisation by David Mirigian
For Players Only
A comprehensive collection of practice materials including scales, scale patterns, jazz idioms and over 500 two-five patterns.  Shows you what to practice and how to practice.  Substitution chart shows how patterns can be used.  132 pages.
Table of Contents

Advanced Jazz Resources
A comprehensive collection of practice materials including suspended chord patterns, suspended 7th chord patterns, pentatonic patterns, two-five patterns, whole-tone scale patterns and miscellaneous studies.  Substitution chart shows how patterns can be used.  92 pages. Table of Contents

Pentatonic Patterns
Thousands of patterns on a pentatonic scale. Examples of pentatonic scales and patterns used on several different types of tunes, including major and minor blues, jazz/rock, modal and bebop. Substitution chart shows how patterns can be used. 88 pages. Table of Contents

Suspended Chord Patterns
Over 600 patterns on a suspended triad and a suspended 7th chord. Substitution chart shows how patterns can be used. 60 pages. Table of Contents

Interval Studies
Over 700 patterns on all the intervals from minor seconds to minor ninths. Includes studies on fourths, fifths, and interval motives. 60 pages*. Table of Contents

Jazz/Rock Primer
38 tunes to improve your reading of music in the jazz/rock idiom. Tunes progress from easy to difficult. Tunes cover all keys. Composed of material performed by contemporary jazz/rock groups. 20 pages. Spiral bound*. Table of Contents

All books are treble clef
For all instruments (lowest written note: middle C)
9" x 12" perfect bound
*Jazz/Rock Primer is spiral bound

*Interval Studies is 8 1/2" x 11"
Prices are in U.S. dollars

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