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from the music of George Frideric Handel
arranged by David Mirigian
Handel's vocal music has been transcribed for trumpets and arranged with phrasing that is "brass friendly" - with ample rests spaced periodically throughout all parts.
We offer two sets of unaccompanied trumpet quartets:
MESSIAH TRUMPET QUARTETS from Handel's oratorio, The Messiah
MACCABÆUS TRUMPET QUARTETS from Handel's oratorio, Judas Maccabæus

Each set has a separate part book for each of the four parts.

24 quartets
$20.00 per set of four parts
1. Overture, No. 1
2. And the Glory of the Lord, No. 4-Chorus
3. And He Shall Purify, No. 7-Chorus
4. O Thou That Tellest, No. 9-Chorus
5. For Unto Us..., No. 12-Chorus
6. Glory to God, No. 17-Chorus
7. Rejoice Greatly, No. 18-Air
8. His Yoke is Easy, No. 21-Chorus
9. And With His Stripes, No. 25-Chorus
10. All We Like Sheep, No. 26-Chorus
11. He Trusted in God, No. 28-Chorus
12. Lift Up Your Heads, No. 33-Chorus
13. Let All the Angels, No. 35-Chorus
14. The Lord Gave the Word, No. 37-Chorus
15. Their Sound is Gone, No. 39-Chorus
16. Why Do the Nations, No. 40-Air
17. Let Us Break, No. 41-Chorus
18. Hallelujah Chorus, No. 44-Chorus
19. Fanfare 1, No. 46-Chorus
20. Fanfare 2, No. 46-Chorus
21. The Trumpet Shall Sound, No. 48-Air
22. But Thanks Be To God, No. 51-Chorus
23. Worthy Is the Lamb, No. 53-Chorus
24. Amen, No. 53-Chorus

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16 quartets
$16.00 per set of four parts
1. No. 7-Chorus
2. No. 9-Chorus
3. No. 11-Chorus
4. No. 17-Chorus
5. No. 18-Chorus
6. No. 19-Chorus
7. No. 22-Chorus
8. No. 26-Air and Chorus
9. No. 28-Air and Chorus
10. No. 30-Chorus
11. No. 33-Air
12. No. 35-Chorus
13. No. 36-March
14. No. 37-Chorus
15. No. 41-Air
16. No. 41-Chorus